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A collection of kind of ragefans of the "tankie" subculture documenting some of their greatest hits. Also arguably, tankie culture is a bit of a fandom itself, and tends to attempt to ingratiate itself in all other media based sub-cultures, and as such is worthy for documentation here on Fandom, in order to help users be aware of this phenomenon.

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What are “Tankies?”

Originally “tankie” was coined as a way to describe members of the Communist Party of Great Britain who supported crushing the Hungarian uprising in the 1950s and followed the Moscow line. This event caused a split amongst communist parties. Support for this action destroyed the credibility of the CPGB amongst other Marxists.

Modern use of the term “tankie” varies widely but tends to refer to those who white-wash or fully deny the crimes of both historical authoritarian-communist regimes, current tenuously-socialist regimes, and, in the name of anti-imperialism, sometimes literally any state at least nominally opposed to the US and its allies. Usage also includes right-wing regimes appropriating communist histories. More on the history and modern use of the term can be found here.

Maybe a better question is "why are tankies?".

Note: Reading Lenin or being a Marxist-Leninist does not make someone a “tankie”. Some of the resources provided are from Marxist-Leninists themselves who are against “tankieism”. Additionally, the existence of “tankies” is not an excuse to be racist. Similarly, there is a large diversity of Marxist thought especially amongst BIPoC authors and activists.

About Us

This document is maintained by a small but diverse network of marxists, anarchists, progressives, and other aligned leftists. Everyone tends to work on their own little section independently or follows their own interests. Wherever possible native speakers have also included links in original languages or worked on sections relevant to their own backgrounds.

We also include a range of different perspectives, wherever possible including state documents or the perspectives of communists and leftists from affected areas, so as to decentralize US-centric tankieism in left discourses. This goal is especially important around more pressing topics, such as genocide revisionism and the mass repression of complex social movements. We also hope to help update conversations around certain key events into the current moment.

We trust the reader to employ critical thinking about the biases of any piece in this document and instead seek to form an understanding beyond the many different angles presented here. As much as possible, we attempt to name the biases of different outlets as stated in the accessibility description.

The larger communities with which much of this information was developed are mostly not from the US, are heavily queer, and largely non-white/western.

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